Welcome to SchnauzerSnips

Hello. My name is Sassy, a highly opinionated miniature schnauzer. I was an ongoing guest blogger on the tierneycreates blog but I now have my very own blog!

(I like that my humans are quilters and crafters and my home is filled with handmade quilts and afghans as these are my natural habitats.)


I am a rescue dog from Miniature Schnauzer Rescue, Inc. (www.msrnorthwest.org). My original human that I managed since I was a puppy, unfortunately passed away when I was 8 years old.  My new humans that adopted me (and I agreed to take on managing) were willing to bring an “older dog” into their lives!


Lucky for you, I will share my insights and observations from a 16″ tall fur-person point of view. My musings can be found on My Snips (blog) page. Bonus content/stories are found on my Special Snips section.

I like to focus my musings on six main areas:

As typing is difficult for my paws (and having no opposable thumbs), I will dictate my musings to my female human, Tierney of tierneycreates, to type them.


I am Sassy, and I am highly opinionated!

Now I will treat you to my very first post on my life with my arch-nemesis – Black Kitty!

Life with My Arch-Nemesis: Black Kitty


I am Sassy, ever vigilant cat-watcher!

Here is a photo of me waiting for my human to take me on a walk, as I watch Black Kitty, my arch-nemesis, carefully from the screen door.

I want to talk about this Black Kitty, the very bane of my existence:

Black Kitty is an apparently feral cat that roams my front yard from dawn till dusk.  My human family has set up the “Natural Selection Convention” in our front yard: we have numerous bird feeders luring innocent birds for a snack; and numerous neighborhood  cats who come to “visit” with the birds while they attempt to eat. Black Kitty, who thinks he is very stealth, hides under the foliage in the front yard waiting for an unsuspecting bird to peck by. I have found feathers in our yard from his clueless victims. Even worse than the “Natural Selection Convention” is the “Bird Head Injury Window”. Our front window has wooden blinds and to me (who likes to poke the individual slats out of place) it seems very clear that the window is a stopping point for anyone going forward. Alas, many birds appear to not realize you cannot keep flying through a window, and they hit it at full speed –  POW – they drop to the porch, dazed. Black Kitty keeps an eye on the porch all day watching for birdie head injury victims, which he runs over and scoops up.

I watch Black Kitty and his shenanigans all day long out the front window, it is my primary job in my family (though my humans get annoyed when they have to continually clear my paw prints off the window). All day long he stares at me and mocks me whenever he gets the chance.

This week, Black Kitty made a bold move. Usually when my human takes my brother and me for a walk, Black Kitty relocates away from our front porch area to a safer location (could it be my vicious growling that makes him move??!?!?) Black Kitty however did not move when I went to walk by this week – he boldly stood there, daring me to bite off his nose as I came within inches of his hideous face. I decided not to maul him since my human was with me and I suspected his claws are sharper than mine. Now I must struggle with the terrible realization that I have failed to strike fear and sheer terror into the heart of Black Kitty.  He may no longer take seriously my continual body slamming against the window when he nears, oh no!


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